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Partners Core A: Patient Access


The Access Core of the SPOTRIAS center at Partners will support the execution of the three research projects within this SPOTRIAS application.


The Access core is composed of emergency medicine, neurology and radiology leaders at the MGH and BWH and support personnel. They will serve to coordinate and successfully execute the SPOTRIAS research at the MGH and BWH.


The Access Core will also take responsibility for educational programs in acute stroke targeted at medical professionals who care for acute stroke patients including EMS, M.D.s, and nurses.

Partners Core B: Neuroimaging


The mission of the SPOTRIAS Neuroimaging Core is to develop, install, and maintain the technology infrastructure and provide services to support the neuroimaging components of the three SPOTRIAS research projects.


Many SPOTRIAS research projects include stroke neuroimaging evaluation and analysis. The Neuroimaging Core will provide training and analysis, as well as other imaging related functions as needed for each SPOTRIAS project.


The primary goal of the Neuroimaging Core is to develop a centralized facility for radiological review of scans, and also for making reliable, quantitative volumetric measurements of stroke related lesions from serial CT images (including non-contrast CT, CTA source and maximum intensity projection images, CT perfusion, etc.).

Partners Core C: Tissue


The Blood and Tissue Core is designed to exist as a "core without walls", incorporating multidisciplinary expertise across collaborating institutions.


The primary responsibility of the Core is to ensure the quality of processing and storage of human specimens.

Partners Core D: Statistics and Data Management


The Biostatistics and Data Management Core will provide the statistical and database support for research conducted in SPOTRIAS. This will include collaboration and consultation on the statistical aspects of study design and planning, database development and maintenance, data quality control and monitoring as well as data analysis and interpretation.

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