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Inpatient Stroke Neurology

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The inpatient stroke service at MGH strives to provide excellence in patient care, teaching, and research, all of which are part of the overarching mission of the hospital.

The service is staffed by world-renowned stroke physicians, who have a proven track record in providing state of the art patient care for complex clinical problems, including stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage, and other cerebrovascular processes. The staff also prides itself in the education of fellows, residents and medical students from Harvard Medical School and around the world, teaching about modern advances in stroke care.

Finally, patients who are admitted to the inpatient stroke service have the opportunity to participate in numerous clinical trials, designed to further advance the field of stroke.



For defining anatomy and physiology of cerebrovascular disorders by MR (diffusion, perfusion, spectroscopy, angiography), xenon-CT, 3-D CT angiography, PET, and selective angiography.

Neurointensive Care

The neurointensive care unit provides care to patients with neurological illnesses who are critically ill. Such therapies include the support of other organ systems, including pulmonary, cardiovascular, infectious disease and others. The neurointensive care unit is staffed full time by specialists in neurocritical care and stroke.

Stroke Diagnosis

Patients admitted to the inpatient stroke service are provided with state of the art diagnostic procedures, all aimed at establishing the underlying cause of the stroke, a key to secondary prevention.

Stroke Prevention

A strong focus for patients admitted to the impatient service is prevention of future strokes. We strive for excellence in secondary prevention and stroke risk factor management, as well as providing a seamless transition to the outpatient stroke prevention clinic for close follow up after a stroke.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Our inpatient service strives to provide early and frequent rehabilitation for stroke patients, including physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Emergency Stroke Simulation

This video simulation of an Emergency stroke evaluation illustrates the care of patients with acute stroke by the MGH Acute Stroke team.


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In the News

The MGH Neurology Department placed 4th in US News Neurology / NeuroSurgery rankings for 2013-14.

Educational Video

Still from the Stroke Evaluation simulation

This video simulation of an Emergency stroke evaluation illustrates the care of patients with acute stroke by the MGH Acute Stroke team.