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Karen L. Furie, M.D., MPH

Karen L. Furie, M.D., MPH

Titles and Contact Information

Director, Stroke Service, Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant in Neurology

Director, Stroke Prevention Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital

Appointments: 617.726.8459
Fax Number: 617.643.3939

Affiliations and Profiles

Clinical Interests

  • Stroke
  • TIAS
  • Cerebrovascular Disorders
  • Neurosonology

Clinical Background

1990 M.D. Degree Brown University School of Medicine
1994 Residency Rhode Island Hospital
1995 Fellowship Brown University
Cerebrovascular Disease
1996 Harvard School of Public Health
Masters in Public Health


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Furie KL
Ask the doctor. For the last few years, I have been experiencing what I think are mini-strokes. The first time it happened, I lost the sight in one eye for about a minutes. Sometimes the vision in both eyes gets blurred for a few minutes. A few weeks ago I could not think of the word "battery" while talking with a friend. Otherwise, I am a healthy 77-year-old who exercises, isn't overweight, and doesn't smoke. My doctor hasn't suggested any tests of courses of action. Can you?
Harv Heart Lett. 2006 Jun ; 16 (10): 8

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