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Thabele M. Leslie-Mazwi, M.D.

Dr. Thabele Leslie-Mazwi

Titles and Contact Information

Attending Neurologist, Massachusetts General Hospital Stroke Service, Neurocriticial Care, Neuroendovascular Service

Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Appointments: 617.726.1067
Fax Number: 617.726.3089

Affiliations and Profiles

Clinical Interests

  • Neurocritical care

Clinical Background

1996 - 2000 Medical School University of Zimbabwe
2004 - 2008 Residency Mayo Clinic
2008 - 2010 Fellowship Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women's Hospital
Neurologic Critical Care


Thanabalasundaram G, Hernández-Durán S, Leslie-Mazwi T, Ogilvy CS
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Multimodal endovascular treatment of a vertebrovertebral fistula presenting with subarachnoid hemorrhage and hydrocephalus.
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Leslie-Mazwi TM, Heddier M, Nordmeyer H, Stauder M, Velasco A, Mosimann PJ, Chapot R
Stent retriever use for retrieval of displaced microcoils: a consecutive case series.
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Leslie-Mazwi TM
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Mehta B, Leslie-Mazwi TM, Chandra RV, Chaudhry ZA, Rabinov JD, Hirsch JA, Schwamm LH, Rost NS, Yoo AJ
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J Neurointerv Surg. 2013 May ; 5 Suppl 1 (): i52-7

Hirsch JA, Mehta BP, Chandra RV, Leslie-Mazwi TM, Rost NS, Yoo AJ
Efficacy of intra-arterial therapy in the elderly requires further study.
J Neurointerv Surg. 2012 Sep 19; ():

Yoo AJ, Chandra RV, Leslie-Mazwi TM
Catching strokes before they happen: the importance of early neuroimaging findings in TIA and minor ischemic stroke.
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Chandra RV, Leslie-Mazwi TM, Oh DC, Chaudhry ZA, Mehta BP, Rost NS, Rabinov JD, Hirsch JA, González RG, Schwamm LH, Yoo AJ
Elderly patients are at higher risk for poor outcomes after intra-arterial therapy.
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Hemorrhagic complications with prasugrel therapy for vascular neurointerventional procedures.
J Neurointerv Surg. 2013 Jul ; 5 (4): 344-5

Yoo AJ, Leslie-Mazwi TM, Riedel CH, Chandra RV
Pathologic validation of clot length determined using thin section non-contrast CT.
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Leslie-Mazwi TM, Avery LL, Sims JR
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Leslie-Mazwi TM, Avery LL, Sims JR
Intra-arterial air thrombogenesis after cerebral air embolism complicating lower extremity sclerotherapy.
Neurocrit Care. 2009 ; 11 (1): 97-100

Leslie-Mazwi TM, Brott TG, Brown RD, Worrall BB, Silliman SL, Case LD, Frankel MR, Rich SS, Meschia JF
Sex differences in stroke evaluations in the Ischemic Stroke Genetics Study.
J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. ; 16 (5): 187-93

Leslie-Mazwi T, Deen HG
Repeated fracture of a vertebral body after treatment with balloon kyphoplasty: case illustration.
J Neurosurg Spine. 2006 Mar ; 4 (3): 270

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